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Some believe that it's because Korean guys are against interracial dating or that they are only attracted to other Koreans.

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But what good is reading if you don't know what that sound means? Forget about learning Korean and concentrate on other things. You should respect your man's mother (and everybody else in his family) but please don't fall in the trap of becoming her little pet.If you agree with everything she wants or demands she will have no respect whatsoever for you. Instead, try to develop your own relationship with her. Listen respectfully to her advices, consider them seriously.They will even refer to themselves as oppa in third person saying things like "oppa will take care of you" or "oppa loves you." Korean guys love leading the way and they will appreciate you even more if you let them take on this role.From matching tees to matching phone cases, your Korean boyfriend will most likely present you with some type of matching accessory and will expect you to use them.Now, before you go out and snag yourself a Korean guy, here are some things you should know.

One thing all Korean men have in common is the fact that they love being the oppa.Whenever we meet your girl pals we will be mentally evaluating their bodies and giving them grades between fuckable and unfuckable.We will also be fantasizing about a threesome, involving us and two of your hottest friends, maybe with you filming it and giving them tips on how to please us best.And don't forget to mention how much better we are in bed.We're liars too so don't go looking for a ruler when we mention something about six inches.Show your respect for sure (respect for older people is an extremely important part of Korean culture) but establish some limits. But if you disagree with some points you should definitely make it clear what your opinions are.