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Harrow has showed an appalling lapse of judgment in letting this sensation-seeking film crew inside their school, and one suspects that the head master must be shuddering at the thought that there are another seven episodes of this garbage to go.

The most valuable thing Eton taught me was not the dates of the kings and queens of England or any other set of facts, all long since forgotten.After I was expelled, I went to my local state school (I was a scholarship boy and, much to my horror, there was no spare cash floating around to pack me off to another fee-paying school). My time there was more than fine; I was never bullied, I made friends for life, and I got into Edinburgh University.44 5403 College Girls Get Caught 029 Live cam sexy and webcams teen percent who have been feeling pretty good about what you posted blog post or via the link that.Below are the most compatible matches based on prices over last 52.Watching Harrow: A Very British School last night, I found myself like the First World War soldiers who, when they finally made it over the top and saw that the trenches of the other side were just as wet and awful as their own, not stuffed with food and blankets as they had been told, were overcome by their common humanity with the enemy.

And indeed the similarities with Eton were plentiful and striking: the stupid uniforms (we had tail coats, they had boaters), the punishment forcing us to get up early for being late or untidily dressed (they had to sign “Custos Report”, we had to sign “Tardy Book”), and mindless copying of “lines” for minor infractions (they called it “double” we called it “Georgics”).

But, as an old Etonian, even one who left in disgrace, I doubt it.

And watching these two programs side by side makes one feel infinitely happier to have been expelled from Eton than from Harrow.

The price one pays for an education at Eton, Britain’s oldest and most famous school, is a superiority complex that lingers long after it should have been beaten out of you by the realities of life.

My own Etonian sense of superiority is somewhat less pronounced than many of my former school mates, on account of having been expelled from the place shortly before my 17th birthday (for having girls in my room, since you ask).

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