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The Department must determine whether the suggestions received meet the Department’s mission and objectives, do not place an undue burden on the regulated community, are not discriminatory, and are permitted under statute.

Submittal to Governor’s Regulatory Review Council: The Department submits the final rulemaking to GRRC.

SOS is required to publish updates to the Code four times a year.

As a result, the Code may not contain the most recent Game and Fish rules.

In addition to making sure that Game and Fish rules are concise and easy to understand, the Department’s Rules and Risk Section is responsible for ensuring that all rules meet statutory requirements before submitting them the Secretary of State (SOS), Attorney General, or Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (GRRC), as applicable.

The Department’s current Rulemaking activity is provided to give the public the opportunity to review proposed rulemakings that are open for public comment and final rulemakings that have been filed with the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council for placement on a future Council agenda: The Governor’s Regulatory Review Council approved the Notice of Final Rulemaking amending R12-4-402 Live Wildlife; Unlawful Acts on February 7, 2017; the final rule becomes effective April 7, 2017.Bombas is the official sock provider for Cupid’s Undie Run.This awesome company just passed the ONE MILLION PAIRS DONATED mark and they’re going strong.It is meant only to provide a brief overview of the rulemaking process and is not binding on the Commission or Department. Each agency shall prepare a report summarizing its findings, its supporting reasons, and any proposed course of action; and obtain approval of the report from the Governor’s Regulatory Review Council (G. Furthermore, different types of rulemakings, such as emergency, exempt, and expedited rulemakings require different procedures for completion. Comments submitted during the official 30-day public comment period for a particular rulemaking will become part of the official record for that proposed rulemaking.