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"My wardrobe is a mix of business suits and rock band t-shirts. "Looking for a girl who wants to blow your head off in Halo one day and bake you a pie the next? " "I'm the one my friends turn to when they need someone to listen and give good advice." I love life!

I can't go to a concert without picking up a souvenir." "My friends joke that I dress like a man in the winter and a woman in the summer. I love sundresses when it's hot and I hate my legs being cold when it's 40 degrees out. "I hate 'down days.' I feel like a day spent sitting on the couch is a day wasted, so I'm always trying to find something fun and exciting to do." "I'm so grateful for all the opportunities I've had in my life and looking for ways to give back to people who haven't had it as lucky as me." I want someone with a good sense of humor.

Maybe the "long walk on the beach" is their way of saying they want you to take them on an exoctic vacation. Although I am near South Padre Island it is about the same as Galveston.

I suspect it's cause they thing its what women want to read.... Of course, I think it's still a great idea for a date.The beach is very relaxing, you can go swimming, there's almost always food sources nearby, and gorgeous sunsets.If they live in Lubbock, TX that is sort of unrealistic isn't it? But as a romantic idea I think listing it as a something one wants to do, seems passe. There really isn't much room to stroll per se but there are some really nice beaches nearby. The joy of finding a sea shell and wonderring what little critter called it home. Time it right with the sunset bouncing off the water, and of course there's the hand holding.With alll the ladies walking on the beach with some guy I am surprised there is any room at all out there.... The beach is not that romantic, it smells, is usually a pretty dirty place (litter,etc)and in most places after 9-10 p.m. I am in Texas so I know some areas of the country do have nice beaches as well as some Island get aways. Soft-tailrider, I'm not sure what types of beaches you've been to but, you need to get yourself to Hawai'i ne. the only thing that comes from Texas is steers and queers.......dont look like no steer to me boy.......obviously she doesnt want to walk down a beach with litter, maybe take her to go pick it up and beautify the beach??? I live by nice beautiful clean beaches and its a peaceful walk, private with the only sounds being of the wind and waves breaking a texas maybe you can hear cows and pistols getting shotdont hate cause you dont have nice beaches ..up with something better like i cant take you to a beach but i can take you on a hot air balloon ride, thats the same thing if you cant get to a beach, private ,relaxing, peaceful, and itll prob be something she has never done.... I would rather go wandering in the woods looking for salamanders, picking flowers or riding 4-wheelers. Poor buggers if your beaches match the description you just gave. When I was little I got to spend a week in a beach house with some family.Walking along the beach seems sooooo romantic to some, mainly the people that haven't lived on one.

Spiders, snakes, gators, sharks, tourists invading your yard, sand everywhere in your house, water, mold, musty, fish smell, vagrants, birds pooping on everything, drunk kids throwing trash around & using your yard for a bathroom, on & on.Up here, where we get lots of snow in the winter, the beaches are still beautiful, in a different sense, and then you can go get some food by the fire.Ok so it may not be the greatest public place to meet in the winter, but in the summer it is.The old dating profile cliche is "I like long walks on the beach..." It's one of those things that everyone tells you that you shouldn't say. How do you say that in your profile without being horribly cliched? "I grew up on Cape Cod, so I've always felt at home with the sand between my toes and water lapping at my feet." "I'm a city boy, but now that I live so close to the water, I've fallen in love with the sound of the waves." I'm as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt as I am in my finest clothes. Let's take a look at some old cliches and how to rewrite them to work for your dating profile: I like long walks on the beach...These online dating clich├ęs are keeping YOU single.