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Referred to as counselors for the remainder of this article, typically these experts have a master's degree or higher and have undergone extensive training to become licensed to practice in their state.While this means that counselors are skilled at assisting clients with issues such as depression and anxiety, having a mental health concern is not a prerequisite for seeking help.If you are stuck in a dark situation, you can count on her.

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In fact, counselors often see clients who are dealing with relationship, marital, personal growth issues, and many other matters that do not fall within the parameters of a diagnosable mental health concern.Because of this, and a pro's great understanding of the human condition, counselors can be of assistance to anyone looking to make changes in their life, cope with troubling problems, heal old wounds or discover meaning and reason behind what is happening in their life. Counselors typically work one-on-one to help uncover the source of stress, pain, resentment, frustration etc. Often, they help clients determine goals and set into motion a plan to create and sustain positive change.Because counseling is a week-by-week, dynamic experience, the content of the sessions will continually adjust and adapt to whatever life situations arise.Solutions and treatment plans are adjusted to mesh with changes in the client's life.As the relationship between the counselor and client deepens, core issues will come into focus.

It's not uncommon for a client to enter counseling with one goal in mind only to find that something different becomes the focal point of their work.

She is a highly trained and experienced in counseling.

She is one of the intuitive life coaches who will help resolve fear, sadness, guilt and more.

If a person has credentials listed after their name, like IMAGO, this is an indication of extended training.

You can learn more about credentials by clicking here.

In session, counselors usually operate in the role of a guide.