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10) Bad Judge of Character – This female got knocked up by somebody that she was “supposely in love with.” Not only is she a bad judge of character, she’s GROSSLY irresponsible.The same guy that’s an a$$hole now, is the same guy she thought the world of and had unprotected sex with. – This should be the BIGGEST deterrent to EVER dealing with a single mother.Either case it isn’t your problem and you shouldn’t have to deal with it.

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This was an article that was floating around that I wanted to get reaction too…

I can see by the comments that its a hot topic and I am glad to have sparked the debate but cant take credit that isnt due.

11) Unneccessary Expeditures – Eventually you’ll get to meet the kid(s.) Soon those dates turn into family outings. That’s not a bad thing either, but it’s something I don’t want to deal with. In some jurisdictions, I think California is one of them, if you start dealing with a female with kids, move in with her and things go south. She can claim that the her and child have “become a customed to you supporting the child.” YOU COULD END UP POSSIBILY PAYING CHILD SUPPORT FOR A KID THAT ISN’T EVEN YOURS!

Instead of paying for two people, your paying for three or more. 12) You’ll Never Be #1 – When your trying to build a relationship with somebody, you should be the focus of the woman’s life. Imagine being extorted money because you were doing what you thought was the “right thing.” The state doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about the relationship being over or you being a “good guy.” They just don’t want the chick on welfare.

I was banging a woman and her kid interrupted my sex. If some kid is going to interrupt the meanest head you’ve ever gotten, that kid should have your last name.

4) Baby’s Daddy – When your dealing with a woman and your getting know her, you shouldn’t have to deal with kid’s father.

I’m sorry, if some kid broke my laptop, I’m whooping his a$$.

9) You Know What She Going To Do – She already has one kid, if you knock her up, it’s safe to assume she’s going to have another one.

1) Baby Damage – Birth has a traumatic effect on the female form.

Pregnancy leaves stretch marks, saggy breasts, and c-section scars.

5) Rent-A-Daddy – Realizing her mistake, realizing that kids (especially boys need fathers,) The woman gets desperate, any and every guy has the potential to be “daddy.” You’re out trying to get some, not inheirit a family.