Dating for ex mormons

People who leave cults are often shunned by their peers. Some people leaving the Mormon Church lose their jobs with LDS employers. Truly, when a Mormon becomes a Christian, he gives up all for the sake of Jesus Christ. Mormons come from worship services that include only hymns and piano accompaniment for congregational singing.

Some have family members who will no longer talk to them. Guitars, drums, bass, and horns seem irreverent at first.

Your parents had wanted a son or daughter and since you were born the opposite of what they wanted, they had arranged for a sex-change operation while you were still an infant.

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You would have to re-learn almost everything; the way you interacted with others, the way you dressed, and more, assuming you decided to become the gender you were born as.Even if you stayed the artificial gender there would be psychological ramifications. What if every major decision you made was based on what you thought was truth---that you were a man (or a woman)?All the time you were growing up you felt different and did not know why.The way you looked at life was based on who you thought you were and on what you believed to be true. You would not know what to trust, let alone who to trust!I told her I would adopt the baby or help her find an adoptive family if she did not feel comfortable with that.

The Bishop called us in to talk to us about the situation.

Does this help put things into perspective for you as Christians? They have made choices---life-changing choices---based on false doctrines. Most people leaving the LDS Church do not find the real Jesus.

They turn from God altogether and are lost because they reason that if the Mormon Church is not true, then nothing is true.

Ex-Mormons who become Christians face culture shock. The ward (congregation) they were in was close-knit.

Many Christian congregations don’t have that closeness.

Leaving Mormonism is not like finding out that the spiritual gifts are for today (when you thought the gifts ended with the apostles) or that there is not a pre-Trib Rapture (if you believed in one) or that there IS a pre-Trib Rapture (if you did not believe in one). For example, I know of Mormons who refused medical treatment because they were given a "priesthood blessing" and told they would be healed. I think of myself having nine babies, endangering my health as I got older, because I believed the Mormon gospel was true.