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Which is why the average age of marriage is much lower in rural areas. To compare different age groups – it’s no different from the fact that there are three times more single women than single men over the age of 65. That means that there are valedictorians getting turned down left and right. But make no mistake: nobody wants to go to her safety school, and that’s often what happens in life. Depending on what you’re studying and where, you may never encounter eligible men in your daily life.

Admittedly, there were not sparks flying on any of my first dates, but a couple of them were certainly guys I would have liked to get to know better and would have gladly gone had they asked me out again.

I have also tried initiating (many) emails myself and I have yet to have a guy respond to an email that I have initiated.

If you click here you’ll see, there are 210,000 more single women than single men in the New York metropolitan area.

This makes it a buyer’s market for men, and super-competitive for women.

This is not to slander women of any other city or state, but when you go to Manhattan, it’s filled to the brim with go-getter women who are pursuing their dreams in the toughest city on earth.

Ivy Leaguers, models, finance minds, ad execs – NYC is filled with women who have impressive credentials. And lots of quality women are left on the outside looking in.Factor in the number of beautiful women in LA, the shallow nature of men, and the flaky nature of the town, and yeah, it’s no surprise that men stay single a lot longer out here…. Well, you touched upon it when mentioning the “competition”.Simply put, there is not only a lot more competition when it comes to volume, but the quality of women in New York is pretty astounding.Now you know and I know that impressive credentials don’t necessarily make a mate, but it does capture male attention. So you’ve got a lot of alpha females who crave their Mr. In cities like New York and Los Angeles – the only two cities in which I’ve lived as an adult – there is more choice for mates.On one hand, having all these options can be considered good.So if you’re gonna change your luck, get new photos and new essays here, and then do a search of women in your area. If that doesn’t illustrate just how tough it is to stand out in the world’s most competitive dating market, I don’t know what will.