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Extinction, Not Evolution Extinction is well-documented in the fossil record, and while extinction is a necessary part of the evolutionary scenario, it is not evolution.

It might better be considered as the opposite of evolution.

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However, speciation within basic kinds is different from the introduction of new kinds, and evolution requires a dizzying array of basic new kinds.

The origination of a new form has never been documented in the modern world of scientific observation, while perhaps several species every day go extinct.

Fossil Record Is Complete The fossil record can be deemed essentially complete.

Darwin was concerned about its lack of transitional forms, hypothetical creatures that demonstrate one type changing into another over time. But extensive exploration and fossil discovery in following years have not brought such in-between forms to light.

The record of the past written in stone contains no evidence that any particular animal ever morphed into a fundamentally different type of animal.

No trend can be found of gradual, Darwinian alteration through mutation and natural selection.Punctuated equilibrium doesn't even address the larger changes needed for meaningful evolution.Sudden Appearance of Basic Types On the other hand, the fossil record does communicate sudden appearance of basic types, complete with all the features which characterize them.The opposite of evolution occurs today, and fossils show that the opposite of evolution also occurred in the past.No Ancestor/Descendant Relationships Evolution necessarily implies the concept of "descent from a common ancestor or ancestors." Yet no ancestor/descendant relationship can be advocated with certainty based on the fossils.Some may only be used at a limited period of life or in an unusual circumstance, at which time they must be present for survival.