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'It was the only acceptable option to ensure the safety of other youths for whom I am responsible.

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"Once it started to be on the news, they were shouting from every wing, and it was a large prison," Hudson says.

She describes her experience as "scary" and says she had to move cells four times because of the harassment, which included sexual bullying: "I was bullied into showing my boobs on numerous occasions so they could touch themselves while looking at them." At one point, she says, she even feared she was going to be raped: "I was left unattended with a rapist in the communal room, and he'd been very suggestive.

A number of high-profile cases have thrown a spotlight on transgender women being sent to male prisons, with tragic results.

Paris Lees, a trans woman who has spent time behind bars, explains why reform and greater understanding are urgently needed Last year, Tara Hudson, then aged 26, pleaded guilty to a charge of assault.

The boys on the bus were so confused, it was really scary.

The guards didn't know what to do." When the van arrived at the prison, Hudson was removed first: "It just erupted.

'That is not the way that the constitution says that we treat our juvenile delinquent.'Romano expressed concerns that she could be transferred to a men's prison.

He said the judge ordered her sent to York and assessed by prison officials, who have said at this point there are no plans to transfer her.'I asked the Juvenile Court to transfer the youth to the adult system with great reluctance and sadness,' Katz wrote in an op-ed in The Hartford Courant.

Romano and other advocates say juveniles are more likely to be physically or sexually abused or commit suicide in adult prisons.

They also say a juvenile adjudication is not the same as a criminal conviction.'Essentially this young person didn't get the benefit of the protections of a criminal proceeding but got in effect the result of it,' said Chase Strangio, staff attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union.

She was sentenced to 12 weeks in the all-male HMP Bristol.