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Initial history revealed that she was a gravida 1, para 0, at 16 weeks of gestation and living in a mobile home with her partner.

The physician can then hand the telephone to the patient and leave the room, allowing the patient to talk to a counselor in private.

Thus, the patient's autonomy and privacy are respected, but an additional barrier to seeking help is removed.

The discussion that follows each case is designed to assist family physicians with practical approaches to preventing violence and promoting victim safety.

An 18-year-old woman presented to her family physician for an initial obstetric examination, accompanied by her 27-year-old boyfriend.

A perpetrator is a person who performs or permits the actions that constitute abuse or neglect.

The term “batterer” refers more specifically to a perpetrator who engages in physical violence.

Researchers found an encouraging 90 percent of Texas schools have implemented anti-dating violence policies since 2007, yet most of these schools failed to provide their students with proper information on teen dating violence.

Those schools who did offer these materials often made them hard for students to find.

However, she stated that she “had no place else to go”and expressed optimism about the future because her partner had begun to attend church and stated that he wanted to be a good father.8 and unintended, rapid-repeat pregnancy in adolescent mothers.9 Simple screening questions, administered in a private setting, often identify pregnant women who are being abused.7 Furthermore, because battering may begin late in pregnancy, a discussion of personal safety should be included at multiple times during the course of obstetric care.

This patient is a survivor of an abusive childhood.

Almost 1.5 million high school students suffer from dating violence every year, and Texas was the first state to mandate school policies on dating violence, according to a new study.