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We moved quickly because we moved overseas three weeks later for my husband's job at the University of Oxford where he's currently doing diabetes research for the next three years. We even picked our wedding officiant from an ad on the back page of The Stranger.We didn't want to wait and we didn't want to do it without our friends and family. Best decision I ever made was building a life with you.Meeting the love of my life through The Stranger wasn't something I ever expected and he didn't believe his friends when they told him he'd 'just know' when he met the right person, but he did. I could not ask for a better partner, father for our daughter, and all around Cute Dude.

After a week, despite probably not being ready, I decided not to ruin my summer by pouting so I got back online, saw this very cute guy who intrigued me immediately with his quick wit and humor and we met shortly thereafter for a drink near my place.

He was a scientist who was also in a punk rock band.

I was a theater nerd, burning man enthusiast and nanny with little direction.

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I lived in Seattle for 18 years up until last October and had used the personals off and on for a long time.

I'd met some lovely, odd and interesting people though it had never worked out for very long if it even went past a first date.The last time I used the service was due to getting dumped by a man I'd met from the Love Lab who I'd been dating for two months.Neither of us expected fireworks, but it was a really, really good date and at the end, we both felt that little extra spark - like it'd just shifted into something special.Within two weeks we were exclusive and we moved in together five months later. You didn't read The Stranger that often, but this issue caught your eye.On our one year anniversary, June 17th, 2013, he proposed. It took a few days and you finally called the number.We married the following September 7th in Chicago where his family is and had a bigger, more raucous second wedding in Seattle with more friends and family on September 27th. We talked only a few moments as you left the Dubliner far to early. Here we are TWENTY years later, all due to The Stranger.