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On the few occasions we did need assistance, we were happy to find Cool Page is supplemented with useful help and support options.

There is an entire website devoted to Cool Page support with a user guide, tutorial and how-to’s. You can obtain technical support from the manufacturer through email and a mailing address is listed if you prefer to contact them through that method.

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If you download the Droid TV zip file onto a laptop or PC, drag it over to a USB memory stick and install that in the side of you Android TV box.

Its the same as method 1 but you insert memory stick with zip file on and locate that in Kodi. If you have Virgin as your internet supplier you will first need to disable your Web Safe.

The most obvious drawback of Cool Page is the fact that it doesn’t offer any templates, so all sites must be created from scratch.

However, you don’t necessarily need to know HTML or other scripting languages to build your site.

If you are having problems accessing KODI and it just goes back to the main screen you might want to clear KODI and re-install the Droid TV menu from scratch.

This will give you a fresh install of both KODI and the Droid TV menu/channels.

In the respective text field area you must copy and paste the HTML code that you generated with Anim-FX's HTML generator.

Now click on browse and select the TXT and Sw F file.

Create an animation in Anim-FX ( For this sample I used the christmas animation 2. Now go to your Anim-FX directory and copy and paste the created SWF and TXT file to the same directory that contains your website, created in Coolpage.

Create the required HTML code (set scale to no border and the desired dimensions) Copy the HTML code to your clipboard.

Cool Page offers the bare minimum when it comes to features.