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One instant, Russell was busy spreading love for his country and knowledge about the freedom war of 1971; the next minute, he is in jail, accused of being an Atheist, which has suddenly become a punishable crime in our country.The day after Asif Mohiuddin – another reputed blogger — was arrested, he was interrogated by the detective branch about his earlier protests against the raised fees that Jagannath University’s students had been afflicted with.

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Nazrul added that after the formation of EC, his party will give a proposal on the framework of an election-time government.He much appreciated the steps taken by the president for arranging talks with different political parties on the formation of strong EC.He began by asking why an exceptional scholar such as Russel would leave his comfortable and respectable life in the US to teach kids science in Bangladesh.Russell loved Bangladesh so much, that he left America for Bangladesh with his 2 year-old-child, despite the fact that his wife was still busy finishing her Ph. He took his son with him to book fairs, cultural programs, and to Shahid Minar to show gratitude towards our martyrs.His writings always reminded me of the style of the late Christopher Hitchens, because both writers used their immense knowledge in history, politics, science, literature, and religion to produce quality works.

In a recent newspaper article, Arif Jebtik, the eminent blogger and columnist wrote a column in an online newspaper (bdnews24) under the title (The only alternative is the activeness of a few good men)[1].

Just as a skilled piano player spellbinds us with his keys or as a poet captivates us with his lines, Dawkins’ logic entrances us with his in-depth explanations…anyone can express gratitude towards him for this reason alone! As I read Humyun Azad’s (Story of Bangladesh), I encounter the same contentment as when I read Dawkins’ works.

Should such feelings really be measured on a spectrum separating atheism and theism?

His writing — which was heavily critical of religious dogma, bigotry and superstition – and his political activism angered the government, as well as marked the beginning of the threats he received from fundamentalists.

These threats eventually led to action in mid-January this year.

He left America’s high-paying corporate jobs and took over teaching science in school instead.