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When picking what to do on your date it would be easier for you to be in control of the situation.Whether its a restaurant or making dinner at your place.

There is no need to remind your partner 400 times that you are on a healthy eating regimen but it’s definitely worth mentioning. They’ll be much more sensitive when it comes to suggesting date ideas. Stay away from the beer and go for a glass of wine or vodka/soda instead.

However grabbing a cup of tea or coffee on a Sunday morning will not only save you the calories and money, but allow you to talk without alcohol influencing you in any way.

Making dinner for your date is a great way to not only get to know the person in a quiet and intimate setting, but the perfect way to make a healthy and delicious meal that you have some control over.

Plus, how impressed will they be when they realize you’re a good cook? This will allow you to eat whatever you want at home while lightening up a bit on the date.

The characteristics that lead to attraction in hunter-gatherer tribes are not purely based on physical appearance.

Even though, there is evidence we are programmed to look for a high reproductive capacity in a partner, We have much more choice when selecting a partner today, where it appears that there is a preference for partners who we perceive as similar to ourselves across a number of characteristics, called the “likes-attracts” rule.Although having similar interests can support a new relationship, there’s more to it, and even researchers haven’t solved the mystery of how and why we choose who we love.Stories lead us to believe that it was commonplace for a caveman to club his chosen cavewoman and drag her by the hair to his den.It is a very enjoyable read with lots of humor and actually provides some healthy tips.joined The Colbert Report, delving into the idea of a modern, happily barefoot, hunter-gatherer interested in dating someone like this.It’s always safe to go with a salad or wrap- keep it simple.