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In the process of laying XP back down, I booted from the XP CD, deleted the 20 GB partition, and then told it to go to work....

it formats in NTFS and copies files and installs XP.... For walk-in interview contact in office timings (-) Mr.

I've googled and searched the usual suspects, but I can't find it.

System requirements for Mac Everquest How serious are they about having a 700 MHz machine?I have a G5 on order, but Apple claims it won't arrive until September.The runs the boot loader selection program then presents a list of the bootable options (device/partition): in my case i... If we copy the new 'boot' to /boot/boot, it appears to work.Updating /boot/boot[Minix 3.1.2a] What's the proper way to replace the secondary boot program? There's a target in ../boot/Makefile, /usr/mdec/boot, that installs the new 'boot' in /usr/mdec/boot, but not in /boot.Notice that Boot Manager doesn't care what the medium is.

It mus...bootable floppy which can boot a CD in systems without CD-Boot support Anyone have a pointer to this utility? One is the one where the partition information is stored and how to access the drive (duh). But the System really includes another two areas for data on the drive.What's the "correct way" to install 'boot' where it is needed (which I believe is in /boot/boot)?Thanks, -- Prof Kenneth H Jacker [email protected] Science Dept appstate.edu/~khj Appa...I thought that this would be useful for this old system I have (with SCSI CD-ROM) which can't boot most CDs. I want put a boot selection program (GRUB or like it) on the hard disk that boots Win XP.