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Also I have an issue with the aggressive scenes as well.

The mod now recognises the aggressive moves in the journal which is nice but I have to have an aggressive scene ticked in both normal and aggressive list in order to do them at all and that shouldnt really be that way.

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Add a bool use Foreplay option to the Start Sex() API call.Adding a new argument to Start Sex means every mod for Sex Lab will HAVE to be recompiled with the newest version in order to work.Which means many mods breaking at release, and some potentially never being fixed due to author's having moved one Add a full set of new API functions aimed at giving a modder complete control over how a scene is constructed before it begins.Gives more control to the modder in terms of being able to setup an animation without relying on hooks after the animation has already started, including foreplay, timers, actors, animations, etc, etc.Right now it's set to be up to the player and whether or not they have it enabled.

For giving modders control over it happening or not, there's a couple options I'm considering, each with a pro and con.

The mouth opening for moaning is also working really well.

However when it switches from foreplay to actual sex then I almost always have to hit the "realign actors" button or my male character will just stand there looking dumb while the female does her stuff (often several feet away).

I tested on two vanilla npcs and the mouth does move during moaning, but I dont think they're time to it, also there is no expression on the face (only the mouth moves).

Otherwise, as far as I can tell everything works really well, no crashes or anything. I like the foreplay additional a lot and the undress animation is quite good as well.

No Errors/CTD so far, the Stagetimers seems way shorter ingame than they should be.