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Elite Global LLC is a privately-owned company established in 1997.

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On 8/21/10, I was informed by my bank that Elite Global Dating had charged back my account for the $197.95.

This not only caused my account to be overdrawn and cost me about $75 in overdraft fees.

But most importantly, I was supposed to give my landlord $200 that day for overdue rent, and now I don't have that $200!

I signed up for Eilte Global Dating in July and immediately regretted it.

It cost me $197.95, and I needed the money for more important things besides dating.

I emailed and called the company within 24 hours, but got no response.Their website says "no refunds", but then it says "members can cancel their subscriptions" I called my bank (Chase) and disputed the charge to my debit card.The clientele of the company are active in a variety of diverse fields.They include, the oil and gas industries, construction related industries, industrial units, traders, and distributors.The company builds success through its network of global partnerships.We are committed to exceeding globally recognized standards with the needs of our customers as our first priority.