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Likewise, the ads are only misleading to the point where you believe that Maxim model’s thumbnail picture in any way resembles anyone you’ll ever meet online. That leaves the “other” box which requires one type the reason for blocking an ad. Please don’t beg….) “100’s of single women in your area are desperate to date and chat to 40+ men.” Again, it seems the interwebs are awash with desperate older women. I have no idea how Katy Perry’s evil twin ended up on her back in the mature meet-market.

As anyone who has stalked me on Facebook will tell you, I’m far too busy taking long, quiet walks on the beach. I post a wide array of musings, though more often than not said posts are simply odd news items, links to my stories, or wry remarks for my writer friends; nothing which would warrant an avalanche of dating ads.

Then too, I am friends with a number of burlesque stars. Aside from the burlesque stars, I suppose the trigger for these ads could be that I am dating myself every time I reference Donna Reed or Dobie Gillis.

Or maybe it was that online argument I had concerning the dating of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Thanks to Facebook, I didn’t need Edward Snowden to tell me my personal information was being mined.

From friend suggestions to targeted ads, even a casual glance at my Facebook page betrays the bothersome fact that the all-seeing eyes of Zuckerberg are minding my business. What tipped me off was the steady stream of dating site ads which appeared every time I logged on.

I’m not sure why anyone in social media thinks I need help in this department. Besides, I grew up with Herb Alpert’s music, The Dating Game and Love, American Style, so trust me – I’m fine.My editor guessed such an onslaught of ads would occur if I’d been frequenting dating sites.Regardless, I’ve been inundated (oops, I just inadvertently typed the key word “date”) with personal ads, and it seems they are going from the ridiculous to the indecorous. According to one ubiquitous ad for Match.com, 1 in 5 relationships start online.Match doesn’t say how many of those relationships end with either a restraining order or a bunny being boiled.At first I tried using the drop-down menu to block these inexorable ads.The options for blocking Facebook ads are as follows: [ ] Uninteresting [ ] Misleading [ ] Sexually explicit [ ] Against my views [ ] Offensive [ ] Repetitive [ ] Other I can’t say the ads are uninteresting. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet a Mennonite girl for some rhubarb pie and hand-pressed cider? Dating is definitely not against my views, though some dates are offensive or (worse) repetitive. By the way, the Katy Perry look-alike in the accompanying picture was anything but ugly.