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"They never spoke of any of that." An obituary published in the Times-News in Twin Falls identified Gable as Geoff, referred to Gable using male pronouns and showed photos from when Gable presented as a man.Gable's maternal grandparents, George and Joan Walton, raised her, according to the obituary.She is a member of a successful stepfamily and has been a stepmother for more than 20 years.

Too often we don't appreciate the efforts our spouse/significant other makes to keep our family happy and healthy. Make sure children have age appropriate responsibilities, also.

Thank the children, also, when they do something right. Commit a designated time daily or weekly to be together (without kids). Many times our extra time is spent criticizing and being negative towards our partners. Your marriage and family life will become stronger with a partnership.


Start your stepfamily new year by making a counseling appointment at the CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT for February 2013.

Marriage and couple research notes that working, loving, caring, successful marriages set the tone for a high score on your daily happiness score. Research clearly demonstrates the more laughter in our lives, the happier and healthier we are. Set a high standard of what marriage looks like for your children; hug, hold hands, sit close toether..the children, also.

So, if you are feeling like your marriage is not what you want it to be, consider........ Take in a movie that is a comedy, rent a movie comedy, read funny stories to each other...a walk down memory lane with funny events in your life. We need lots of hugs during the day to be happy and healthy. Thank your husband or wife for all they do for your family. While this doesn't always mean 50-50, you both live in the home together.Gable married Ann Arthurs in 2005 in Hawaii; they later divorced.When Gable died, the death certificate listed her name as "Geoffrey AKA Jennifer Gable," Mike Parke of Magic Valley Funeral Home and Crematory told the Miami Herald.Each book is valued at .00, a .00 gift to you from the CENTER FOR STEPFAMILY DEVELOPMENT.These two books have stories that will help you understand your stepparent role in a different light.Research indicates many relationships could be saved and could definitely be enhanced by spending only an additional half hour together each week!!!!!