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Loy claims that women need to become desexualized and unlovable in order to achieve a power role, saying that "Woman must destroy in herself the desire to be loved" (260).

This suggests that only when emotion is removed from male-female relationships can an adequate attempt be made by women to gain respect and power.

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The book is pure fiction, though I will admit to taking some minor liberties with names from my past and present.

The twists and turns will make you question what really goes on with the good and the bad politicians, and if you can ever really believe what you think is true in Washington. The personal journeys of these extremely motivated characters take you through their emotional growth and life changing decisions. Now he must decide between exposing a national secret or move up the political ladder and stay quiet. Life is not always black and white and besides when is the truth not really the truth? If you have known me over the years, when reading this book you might find some characters that seem familiar to you.

She says that "...there is nothing impure in sex...

The eventual acceptance of this fact will constitute and incalculably wider social regeneration than it is possible for our generation to acquire" (261).

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