Gentoo config files in etc need updating

See the AUTHORS file for the corresponding full names.Changes through 1.9.9e did not credit all contributions; it is not possible to add this information.20160723 + improve error message from tset/reset when both stderr/stdout are redirected to a file or pipe.

gentoo config files in etc need updating-78

-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -- $Id: NEWS,v 1.2633 2016/07/24 tom Exp $ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a log of changes that ncurses has gone through since Zeyd started working with Pavel Curtis' original work, pcurses, in 1992.

Changes through 1.9.9e are recorded by Zeyd M Ben-Halim.

Changes since 1.9.9e are recorded by Thomas E Dickey.

Contributors include those who have provided patches (even small ones), as well as those who provide useful information (bug reports, analyses).

Changes with no cited author are the work of Thomas E Dickey (TD).

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