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She told me,"Wow you're so tall." And we hit it off after that," Mokomichi said, surprised himself at how well they got along. The first time I heard of it was "You're playing a robot-type of lover." Honestly, I was surprised (*laugh*) But when I read the original work, it was really interesting.I'm looking forward to portraying that image while the drama, up to now, is different from it.

Well I still like him the BEST in Brother Beat AND AND AND Zettai Kareshi. however, i've read in af news last week that he's part of Gokusen the movie. here's the link if you want to read the details. The most recent I saw him in was in Absolute Boyfriend SP. Good actor and very unique looking japanese idol- what more could we want? HE looks really hot in it Edited by revenge_l0bster, 01 June 2009 - PM. i just don't know if moco moco is doing a new series atm...He loves only one woman whole-heartedly, that type of man...no, robot I mean (*laugh*) As you would expect from a robot he doesn't have his own sense of self at first, everything is tied to 'loving Riko'.When I have children of my own, I'll be a doting parent," he said, revealing a surprising side to him. Call it child-like or should I say I have the heart of a young boy," he said, to laughter.

The story begins when the mobile phone novelist Yamamini coopera Kotaro (Mokomichi) is abruptly forced to live with his sister's (YOU) daughter, a famous child actress Sakurai Anzu (Yoshida)."She's such a huggable princess. If his children were to enter the world of show business in the future ? If the opportunity rises, I'd like to work with them too," he replied. "I want both a boy and a girl, so until I get one of each, I'd continue giving birth," she said, laughing.

It's the first time I'm playing a robot and I feel excited about doing it.

When you hear robot, inevitably you're going to think of its jerky movements but the Tenjo Night I'm playing this time is an enhanced-performance humanoid robot.

To soldier on, no matter what comes along, even if it feels hopeless, and working it out together, that's the ideal ne.

When I have the time, I'll cook for myself but cooking by yourself and then eating by yourself is lonely...

Regarding the movement, it's not really unnatural and it looks like I can move around more smoothly. He demonstrates superhuman ability and his thoughts and speech are a little off.