High school senior dating

Established in 1981, we have continuously received awards and accolades for our outstanding academic, athletics, and fine arts programs.For information on anything from bus routes and lunch menus to college scholarship information and SAT schedules, you’ll find it here on our website.You can easily do this by choosing old brick buildings, abandoned farm houses, fields of cotton etc.

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This small act not only helps your client, but it will also help you achieve the look you want in your own portfolio.

The morning of the session, I contact my client to make sure they know what time and where we are meeting up.

At first I thought this was like “cheating” during a shoot, but my seniors LOVE IT! I love to bring small props for my seniors to hold or sit on during their session.

They think it is so cool that I thought of them enough before hand to plan for their poses during their session. I have a great Pinterest board to help you out if your stuck in a rut. This could mean an old folding chair, a cute beach hat, an old quilt.. Some people feel really awkward in front of the camera at first, so these little props give them something to do with their hands while they are adjusting to your presence.They always love how personal I make these for each of them (another great reason so send them a questionnaire and get to know them well during the session! After they have their images, blog all about their session, including images they haven’t seen in the ten I sent them.This blog post will also be shared through social medial to their friends and family (more free advertising! In post processing senior photos, always remember that you are photographing for their parents as much as you are your senior client.They will also share these images through facebook, and it will give them a great idea of why they should purchase a disc with ALL of their high-resolution images from me. As soon as I have all of their images edited, I will order a custom book for my seniors and send it to them along with a really appealing package.The package includes a hand written note, business cards, and other little goodies I sneak in for them.I make sure they have their outfits picked out, and give them one more opportunity to ask me any questions they see fit.