Intimidating shout spell id

On top of that, I did a Platebuffs version with those CDs listing them all - since the original is for Cata and most of them are not showing.

It's the 5.2 Platebuffs and the with the list of all spells.

In short: "Balance is make 6-7 specs balanced to compete and let the rest nerfed but make it playable so maybe some exeptional professional players can compete with a nerfed spec." = Blizz supports FOTM. Like Ret Cleanse can Dispel Chillblains snare from DK becouse it's a Disease.

While this generally means that the dedicated kiting player cannot deliver DPS to the main tank's target, it is often a very effective way of keeping a powerful melee mob away from the party until the full party is ready to deal with it. Also they can control mechanical mobs by Gnomish Universal Remote device.Engineers can also build net guns and trinkets with a polymorph effect, but both have a chance to backfire (Gnomish Engineering at its finest! Tailors of at least skill 300 can make and use Netherweave Nets.I like this, it's actually refreshing to see a helpful post on AJ.At first sight, I say you have to change the sin and punishment part of shadowpriest and replace it by shadow 4pc bonus. I like the controlled roots on priests now that stupid retardiors can't just remove them every 30 sec, the same cooldown as void tendrils, just like psychic scream vs berserker rage.Compact is the first version and the complete is the last.---Anything to add, just say. To increase the utility, if you can: we need to classify buffs/debuffs by type so we can track what can dispel what.

Like Ret Cleanse can Dispel Chillblains snare from DK becouse it's a Disease.

Due to the fact that most groups cannot tank more than a certain number of elite mobs at a time, crowd control is often essential to prevent a group from being overwhelmed.

For a guide on how to effectively use CC in instances, see the Instance grouping guide for a crowd controller. Assuming a target is not completely immune, Elite mobs may or may not have high resistance to specific CC that would normally work quite well on their non-elite counterparts.

Types of CC include Charm, Daze, Fear, Root, Sleep, Slow, Snare, Incapacitate, Disorient and Stun.

The following Primary Crowd Control Abilities can be re-applied an unlimited number of times, and take a mob effectively out of combat as long as the CCer wants to: These secondary abilities can control a mob for some time, but either break easily, need frequent reapplication or have other restrictions which make their continued use impractical, and therefore cannot be generally used to take a mob out of combat indefinitely: It is possible for a warlock to control a feared mob by placing Curse of Recklessness on a mob when it flees towards another un-aggroed group.

Also UA Silence for [O] unless it will be /is already removed from beta. Also UA Silence for [O] unless it will be /is already removed from beta.