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(World Premiere) Director: Laura Dunn The Seer is a cinematic portrait of farmer and writer Wendell Berry.

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The fire grows slowly as Calum takes a seat on the soft, wet ground and begins skinning the rabbit. ” Ashton questions, watching intently as Calum preps their meal. I can't promise frequent updates and I'm sorry for that. Ashton and Calum have finally settled down in their relationship and are happily in love. The band is skyrocketing to success and things are going smoothly. On top of that, the band might be breaking up as Luke and Michael's relationship falls apart.

Will the boys be able to work together to save everything they love or will Callie's revenge tear them apart forever?

Cast: Kris Avedisian, Jesse Wakeman, Louisa Krause (World Premiere) Director/Screenwriter: Josh Locy After a three-year stint in prison, an unreasonably optimistic middle-aged man returns to his stagnant neighborhood to win back his girlfriend only to find that she and his family have done what they always wanted to do — forget he exists.

Cast: Andre Royo, George Sample III, Kellee Stewart, Ashley Wilkerson, Kevin Jackson, Antonio D.

Join Daryl on his personal quest to understand racism.

(World Premiere) Director/Screenwriter: Susan Glatzer Alive and Kicking gives the audience an intimate, insider’s view into the culture of the current swing dance world while shedding light on issues facing modern American society.Clifford’s child.” And while I still tried to process what I had just learnt, Luke burst into tears beside me. _____________ When Luke asked Arzaylea to pretend to be his girlfriend, he did it because he wanted to protect his relationship with Michael. And God said, "You see Phoebe, when it comes to love, physical strength doesn't matter.For a while everyone is happy with the agreement - the fans are being fooled, their managers are oblivious. What matters is how much are you willing to fight for it.But that all changes when he's offered a scholarship at England's most prestige university.Harry's the son of the Duke of Westminster and has more issues than Vogue.Director: Debra Eisenstadt, Screenwriters: Debra Eisenstadt, Zeke Farrow After his wife kicks him out, an anxious comedian is lured in by an intriguing woman with a stalker.