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Whether Ed ends up behind the controls of the Milennium Falcon or not, he'll next be seen in thrillers Lonely Boy has carved a niche as the ultimate hipster, and is regularly spotted around Brooklyn rocking a beard of varying lengths.

after season four, when her character Vanessa (aka.the main reason you still can't cope with hipsters) announced that she'd be 'studying abroad' for a while.The shows that have made it to that mark are an unusual group. In 100 Episodes, we examine the shows that made it to that number, considering both how they advanced and reflected the medium and what contributed to their popularity. ended in 2007, the show’s creator, Josh Schwartz, followed it up with two very promising but very different series.In this edition, Gossip Girl, which ran for six seasons and 121 episodes between 20. One was the NBC spy dramedy Chuck (co-created with Chris Fedak), which took Schwartz out of the teen-soap game, but allowed him to keep one foot planted in Orange County: Chuck’s premise was essentially “What if an adult Seth Cohen became a spy?Even Gossip Girl herself couldn't have predicted this...

Oh, and he's still friends with Little J in real life - he starred in the video for The Pretty Reckless's single ' My Medicine,' and regularly attends their gigs to support his pal Taylor.Leighton Meester was the perfect socialite/bad girl, as Blair Waldorf, and we all loved to hate her.Though their competition only exists in the show (at least, I think it only does), I have to say that Blair came out on top against Serena in terms of careers post-Gossip Girl.Since leaving the Upper East Side behind, Jessica has had roles in films like a TV drama about a family of MMA fighters (which, bizarrely, also stars Nick Jonas).She's also a long-time member of Taylor Swift's squad - her friendship CV boasts a cameo in the singer's '22' video Michelle Trachtenberg has had a handful of TV appearances since we said goodbye to New York's arch-manipulator Georgina Sparks, and according to her Twitter bio, is currently 'an actress/producer/writer/believer in Unicorns' - she's also a firm supporter of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.Connor Paolo was born in July 11, 1990 in New York City, USA.