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They’ll want to know if you keep Kosher personally and how often do you go to synagogue for services.Lastly, if you feel like sharing, you can give your date of birth, if you have any children, and what your income level is.While it is definitely easier to accomplish this when your religion is Christianity or Islam, members of the Jewish faith now have the option to break bread or have some wine with someone who is also a believer in Judaism.

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In this section of your profile called ‘My Ideal Match’, you’ll be asked to give your preferences regarding your future romantic partner.

You’ll have to specify what exactly you’re looking for in terms of age range, current location, relationship status, if you want them to have children or not, if they already have children or not, religious beliefs, level of education, smoking and drinking habits, etc.

JDate will ask about what you’re searching for, your current location, and about your relationship status.

To get even more personal, you’ll be asked voluntarily to divulge about your smoking and drinking habits as well as your height, current job, education level, and body type (athletic, overweight, average, etc.) Since it’s a religious dating website, they’ll ask you about your background, beliefs, and values when it comes to Judaism.

The ‘About Me’ section is made up of a blank space where you can write a short personal essay about yourself, what your personal characteristics are and what kind of hobbies and interests do you enjoy.

This personal essay is mandatory and has to be at least 50 characters total before continuing on to another section.

Some of the Jewish members are more religious; others are more secular and care more for the cultural aspects of the Jewish people.

The members of the website are usually from either the Ashkenazi or Sephardic background depending on if their ancestry is from Western or Eastern Europe.

The members who use JDate are an eclectic, unique, and diverse group of people and while they come from the same religious background, they have their difference in terms of region, city, nationality, and even which sect of Judaism they subscribe to.

While there are some Jewish members on the website who are from rural or suburban areas, the vast majority are from metropolitan, urban areas in the United States such as New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Miami, etc.

Also ‘For Fun, I Like To…” which would talk about your hobbies and interests in more detail.