Justin timberlake whos he dating

Jessica Biel who has always been over protective and insecure about her 29-year-old boyfriend Justin Timberlake is finally hurt ...

Disney has selected two golden stars to be a mentor for its young stars, which is Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake.

The American pop musician and actor, Justin Timberlake states that love is 'painful'The actor has gone through a lot of heart breaks in his life.

Britney Spears who comes across as a bad influence for her own children was selected by Disney to be a ...

The Canadian singer, Justin Bieber is talking good advice from pop star, Justin Timberlake.

The pair broke up in last March, but got back together a few months later.

Good thing, since eventually Timberlake popped the big question to her.

It is reportedly said that the teen star feels very uncomfortable with girls around him and that he very intimidated around girls who he really likes. Justin Timberlake is all desperate to get an Oscar nomination for his performance in The Social Network.

His performance in the movie The Social Network has received immense praise but Justin Timberlake says, that he will be satisfied only when her ...

Despite the age difference, the couple dated for four years before splitting in 2007.

After a sudden 55-hour marriage to childhood friend Jason Alexander, Britney Spears tied the knot with backup dancer Kevin Federline in 2004, having dating just three months.

Hopefully the first time’s a charm for this A-list couple!

In 2010, Britney Spears confirmed she and former manager Jason Trawick were officially dating.

The freshly single singer was linked to A-listers Janet Jackson and Alyssa Milano, along with N’SYNC backup dancer Jenna Dewan.