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Mockingly referred to as “the asshole of Europe,” landlocked Moldova is looked down upon by its neighbors.

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I wouldn’t come here unless you’re willing to spend about 10 days or so, and even this is short if you don’t plan on going balls-out with a heavy game effort that sends you over 100 approaches.

Unfortunately, for short time periods the game is “find the slut,” because even if a Moldovian girl likes you, it will still take time to get her into bed (at least two dates).

Once you go up in quality at night, it can get impossibly hard.

The hottest girls may not even respond to your opener, but there are still many 7’s who will give you a chance.

This is why I recommend day game to meet girls who don’t go to clubs and therefore don’t have that experience, but a cost of this strategy is meeting girls who drink sparingly and are more traditional when it comes to sex.

The sex tourist problem is mild compared to other cities like Riga, Prague, and Kiev, but since the city is small with few nightlife options, it doesn’t take a large influx of foreigners to create a skeptical impression on the women (I’ve repeatedly heard that Moldova was close to poosy paradise about 6 years ago).With an English penetration rate I’d estimate at around 60%, it was simple to get phone numbers.One strategy is to fish for eye contact when walking around. If a girl answers “Yes” to your English question, chances of getting a number are quite high.Their personalities are more homogenous, resembling an Eastern mindset more than West.The girls are more friendly during the day than at night, especially young ones under 24 who have not had foreigner experience.If you're not intending to visit any of these cities in the next year, this offering may not be for you.