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She died in New Orleans at the age of 45.|Courtesy of Arlington House, the Robert E.Lee Memorial; in 1886, this print shows the Lee genealogy as a tree with complex set of branches and is decorated with vignettes of Stratford Hall and Lee Chapel and the surrounding buildings at Washington & Lee University.|Library of Congress; Lee sits, flanked on either side by his son and advisor Colonel Walter Taylor.

Lee Memorial; Custis Lee, called "Sister", was the first of Robert E. Slightly detached from life at Arlington, Sister never assumed household responsibilities or accompanied the family on holidays away from the estate.

She never married, and she died in 1918 at the age of 83.|Courtesy of Arlington House, the Robert E.

The photograph was taken of Lee and Johnston fewer than six months before Lee's death.

The meeting was the first meeting of the two generals since the end of the Civil War.

One of Korea’s sweetest actresses, Lee Young-Ae, casts aside her popular image to play the enigmatic Lee Geum-ja, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’s angel of vengeance Lee Young-Ae’s first substantial role came in 2000, when she co-starred in Park Chanwook’s JSA: Joint Security Area. [email protected]@@young ae,yo a drivin me smile makes me mad.i hop see yo in person.i saw your frst drama, A JEWEL IN THE CASTLE that was briliant.

The serene young actress brought just the right amount of selfconfidence to her role as a Swedish army major (of Korean descent) investigating an armistice threatening scandal on the border between North and South Korea. I LOVE YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOU*************** She is really one of the best korean actress, I love her for ever.Lee's rose garden.|Library of Congress; the end of the war, Lee and his family lived at 707 East Franklin Street in Richmond, VA.|Library of Congress; lithograph of Robert E.Lee in his study at Washington College, where he served as president from 1865 until his death in 1870.During the Civil War, he served as an aide to Jefferson Davis, but volunteered to take the place of his brother Rooney as a prisoner of war in 1863 to allow Rooney to be home with his sickly wife.This photograph depicts Lee as president of Washington and Lee University, which he served for 26 years.|Courtesy of Arlington House, the Robert E.During Lee's funeral procession, Traveller was led behind Lee's casket.|Library of Congress; Gen. Heintzelman and staff with their families at Lee's former residence.