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Some recent discoveries indicate probable very early settlements near the Thames in the London area.In 1999, the remains of a Bronze Age bridge were found, again on the foreshore south of Vauxhall Bridge.

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It is now considered unlikely that a pre-Roman city existed, but as some of the Roman city remains unexcavated, it is still just possible that some major settlement may yet be discovered.

London was most likely a rural area with scattered settlement.

Rich finds such as the Battersea Shield, found in the Thames near Chelsea, suggest the area was important; there may have been important settlements at Egham and Brentford, and there was a hillfort at Uphall Camp, Ilford, but no city in the area of the Roman London, the present day City of London.

London (the capital city of England and the United Kingdom) has a history dating back over 2,000 years.

During this time, it has grown to become one of the most significant financial and cultural capitals of planet Earth.

It has experienced plague, devastating fire, civil war, aerial bombardment, terrorist attacks, and widespread rioting.The City of London is its historic core and today is its primary financial district, though it now represents a tiny part of the wider metropolis of Greater London.According to the legendary Historia Regum Britanniae, by Geoffrey of Monmouth, London was founded by Brutus of Troy about 1000–1100 B. after he defeated the native giant Gogmagog; the settlement was known as (Latin for New Troy), which, according to a pseudo-etymology, was corrupted to Trinovantum.Trinovantes were the Iron Age tribe who inhabited the area prior to the Romans.Geoffrey provides prehistoric London with a rich array of legendary kings, such as Lud (see also Lludd, from Welsh mythology) who, he claims, renamed the town Caer Ludein, from which London was derived, and was buried at Ludgate.However, despite intensive excavations, archaeologists have found no evidence of a prehistoric major settlement in the area.