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It is part of the Evansville Metropolitan Area, locally known as the "Kentuckiana" or the "Tri-State Area". For more than 100 years the city has been home to the Southern Cherokee Nation. Richard Henderson, an eighteenth-century pioneer and land speculator, by his associates Gen. A village on this site was called Red Banks by the local Cherokee on account of its reddish clay soil. During this period, the Red Banks settlement had gained notoriety as a frontier haven for westward moving, outlaws and their families. By that time, excluding the Cherokee, the free male inhabitants of Red Bank totaled 62. Richard Henderson and his Transylvania Company had met with 1,200 Cherokee in a council at Sycamore Shoals (present-day Elizabethton, Tennessee) to purchase over 17,000,000 acres (69,000 km) of land between the Ohio, Cumberland, and Kentucky rivers in present-day Kentucky and Tennessee to resell it to white settlers.

Henderson has its roots in a small, block-wide strip of land high above the Ohio River, the site of the present Audubon Mill Park directly south of the city's riverfront boat dock. Orr in Lexington, requesting help to appoint a magistrate for Red Banks to deal with some of its 30 families he felt were of dubious (criminal) character.

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The county had 423 residents, 207 slaves, and 412 horses.

By mid-century, Henderson County had become a major producer of tobacco, much of which was exported to Great Britain.

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Even with diagonal parking spaces outlined on downtown streets today, the streets are wide enough to include two-way traffic and space left over for delivery trucks to park in the center of the streets without interfering.

By October 29, 1799, a census for the city of Henderson showed a population of 183.

It was located at the confluence of the Green and Ohio rivers.