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He was killed in a fire, but there was no body found. The project cost her a husband, she doesn't want it to cost her a son too.Flash has another flashback from when he was younger.At the Xcalibur Lanes bowling alley, people's balls go missing, right in front of their eyes, disappearing into small rifts.

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When he approaches, the man drives his RV away, requiring Flash to run after it.When he catches up, he climbs up the ladder at the back of the RV and walks on the roof while the vehicle is still in motion.But he says that he wants 0 to look at it and 0 to touch it.Dale says that they don't pay for stories, so the man asks if he could trade it for a lottery ticket. Inside is a plastic bag containing greenish material.Then they decide to go find a cafe, but first Flash goes to visit his father's grave at the cemetery.

He puts his marathon medal by the grave and has a flashback to when he was younger, showing him running up to his house and his father saying that from then on his name would be Flash instead of Steven, because he's a fast runner. But before it flies away, the man shoots it down with his rifle.

Then the man says "Yes, of course", then gets back in his RV.

He tells Flash that he won't bother him again, right before driving away.

The episode opens with Flash Gordon running a marathon and winning.

His mother and his best friend Nick congratulate him.

Flash knew that his father was a physics professor, but he didn't know about his work on the Portage Initiative. Instead he tells Flash that if he ever sees his father to tell him to trust no one.