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Supporters of the president credit him for respecting people's liberties and freedoms.Anow Ebie, a journalist who works for Cameroon's state broadcaster, CRTV, says the increasing number of media outlets in Cameroon is indicative of democratic advances under Biya's leadership.

Critics have often criticized Biya for failing to hand over power, democratically or otherwise.Now, opposition political parties are using the anniversary to ask him to prepare a smooth transition to democratic rule.He says people should join him in counting the blessings they have enjoyed from Biya's leadership."It suffices to look all over the national territory and people will see the achievements of Biya.Youth leader Clarise Yimngang is skeptical Biya will heed the call not to run again.

She says Biya has not helped most Cameroonians, because they remain jobless after completing their education.“We will insist and fight for the limitation of the presidential mandate and the improvement of the electoral process.I know that the regime is a crude one and does not listen to any other person.Supporters of the 80-year-old president of Cameroon have been organizing sport and cultural activities and political rallies to celebrate Paul Biya's 31st year in power.Professor Ngole Ngole Elvis, a frontline supporter of the octogenarian, says supporters of Biya have a moral responsibility to celebrate their leader's successes.I am just out from school looking for a job and it is just disgusting,” said Nyuyberiwo.