Michael essien dating

"He loved me being on top but we tried out every position you can think of.His stamina was amazing as you can imagine being a footballer. "After making love he talked about his family back in Ghana and how playing for a big club like Chelsea was a dream come true for him.Blonde Lurata, a 6ft personal trainer, told how during their romance muscular Essien: WOOED her with bottles of £150 champagne in top nightclubs.

She also virtually moved into his Surrey home - the mansion which Lurata says she was never invited to.

But then came the escort girl claims, which Essien tried to laugh off as "rubbish".

"He even asked if I had a boyfriend which I didn't.

Michael mentioned a girlfriend back in Ghana but said they had split when he moved to London.

TEXTED her regularly, begging to meet up but never once invited her back to his Surrey mansion.

LOVED to hear her talk dirty while he relaxed on his sofa between matches.

If he lying to any other woman, they better think again because Michael is my husband to the end.” Ms.

Ackumey was quoted as saying to the Guardian Newspaper in Ghana.

As such Micheal has no right to marry another woman while their marriage is still tie.

To prove her case, a video cassette assumes to contain the wedding ceremony of the traditional wedding with relatives is in the possession of her lawyers.“I am the lawful wife of Michael Essien.

"We'd been to a nightclub but by the time we were back at my flat he was panting like a dog on heat.