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As the massacre begins, Saxa quietly tries to sneak Laeta and the other Romans to Spartacus, although they are intercepted.

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As the rebels become increasingly agitated, Spartacus announces that he is to release the Roman slaves.

He personally frees Laeta, informing her that he plans to leave Crixus and the others behind to find a new life in Sicilia.

As the city falls, Laeta encounters Spartacus once more and questions why is he aiding spartacus to which the rebel reveals the he is the man himself.

Crixus then brings news to Spartacus that the Aedile is threatening to the burn the grain.

She offers Spartacus a place to stay for the night but he declines.

Later that night, Spartacus and the Rebels storm the city, massacreing men, women and children.

He gives false pretense of planning to house his slaves in the city, and she welcomes him to look at her husband's stock while he is otherwise engaged.

She comes upon Spartacus once more when he is confronted by Laurus and a clutch of his men.

Laeta pleads with Sibyl not to speak of what she has seen, and although she nervously agrees, she later tells Gannicus of what she has seen.

As Laeta begins handing out bread, Gannicus and Saxa arrive and, realizing that Attius had nothing to do with the Roman's escape, rush to confront Naevia.

He asks her if she could pursuade her husband to lower the prices of grain and although Laeta agrees to try, she states that it is unlikely.