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Hope I'll keep up my resolutions atleast this year . Every year I make resolutions , like study more or read more books and be more friendly.

-Every year I try to be more helpful and more kind than the last year. I hope to achieve them,at least you can help me with my English. :-) This year I will be more friendlier , I will study harder , I will take care of my brother and my parents. What I am saying of course it will be special cause we are special make our own life. i have many resolutions in new year but i never do this new year i also have many plans -be happier -do exercise completely -learn english hard more -care for my family more -save money -learn to speak and listen english -try to take part in a english competion in my school i try to do this I am from Montenegro so today I decided to speak my language, I will translate it on English too. This year ,my new year resolutions are -to learn a new language - to improve my English -to do exercises or yoga -not to get angry with anybody -spending less time on social sites -to read more books & there are much more resolutions .

It’s nearly Christmas, and, although it is one of my favourite times of the year, there is something very special about celebrating the New Year after spending time with family and friends over Christmas.

-For me this year is very busy as I also have to train hard to be a good football player,too. some of those for this year 2014 are: - to be friendlier with my friends and other people - to save more money than this year which passed - to learn more my lessons - to stay more strong - to take care of everyone ( especially for my family ) - to learn more about music and the famous people - to do physical exercises - to improve my English in this site - to be more helpful - to be a good listener with everyone And to be HAPPY ! I have few resolutions , in fact I have started some of them like studying English harder,be friendlier,learn chinese,get a job and read more books. Every year we learn new things that thing making thing more special in they're way :) There are much more resolutions for everyone by the way " Happy New Year " :) I make resolutions all the year but I don't know why am I not following them.

-One of them is to pass FCE test and to take my first certificate in English. -I have a Maths competition this year ,so I really have to study hard in order to win. -Improve my English -Go in Bosnian cities where I haven't been. -Take more time for my look -Learn some traditional songs(Bosnian) -Learn English culture.. I make resolutions for New Year, my resolutions are: - to win in country competition - be good in school - help my mum and dad - read lot of books - learn biology so much and do tests every day -learn a new language Russian -play tennis and be good in it. I have learned change new things that are very interesting in everyday life time ...

Secondly, in year 2014 I am going to read more fiction and I will start classes in maths and history. I will also consult the nutritionist so that he could appoint me a proper diet without harm for my health.

I think that with the loss of extra weight, my life will be changed for the better.

I am going to try and complete my training programme without missing any days, and to go out running whether it is raining or sunny outside! I think that one of the most difficult things in life is to plan our own future, but I may figure out what I would like to do this year. Life is quite difficult now but I want to have an interesting job, I would like my work to be connected with different countries and people. This year I am planning to win about ten tournaments in Kazakhstan and several tournaments overseas. So, this year I want to lose my weight which will help me in my tennis career.

My new year resolution is that I will read more books at least 15 this year ,then that I will be a excellent student , I will spend more time with my little brother, I will speak with the boy who i like and i will have more friends than last year. To do that, I need to train two times a day for two hours. To do this, I will swim in the pool, go to the gym and play tennis. But what about your old habits when it comes to dating? Many people continue dating exactly like they always have, blaming their unexciting love lives on the limited choice of available men and women.How often do you say, “he’s not my type” after a date?So, I will give my family a lot of attention and try to never disappoint and upset my close people. Thank you for your detailed comment - it's great to read all about your plans for this year! Next, I'll start to go to yoga 3 times a week and other days I'm going to engage in cardio workouts. If I want to change myself, I should change my character. I just wanted to say good luck with all of the changes you hope to make in your life. I agree that it is very difficult to plan our future, but goals such as doing more sport are great! I know all humans are not perfect and I'm not the ideal as personality is stubborn and impatient. I think it's definitely a good thing to look after yourself and take care of your health, and even better that you've got a partner in your mother to do it with you. Jonathan (Learn English Teens Team) This year I make these resolution: - to pass the english exam "P. T" - to have minimum 7 credits at the end of this scholastic year, for the exam of maturity in the fifth year -to eat more healthy than last year -to be less thin than last year -to stay well with my girlfriend -to read books -to save money -to stay more time with my grandparents than last year -to be happier -to have fun more than last year Resolutions for the new year: - Make my hair red - Re-read all the Harry Potter books - See my family happy and healthy - Take a driving license - Finding real friends - Learn photography - Make two years with my boyfriend - Weight loss - Become more cute - Make my hair grow. This year I am also going to watch less TV and spend less time on social networking websites.