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However, for those whose i Phone i Pad is not running with the last i OS 9 version – i OS 9.3.5, before installing i OS 10 on their i Device, they need to upgrade to i OS 9.3.5 firstly. If your i Phone or i Pad stays on Apple logo screen during i OS 9 update, you can try the following methods to fix it: Step 1. Then release the power button but keep pressing the home button. You will see the Connect to i Tunes screen and you can let go of the Home button. But what if you have some important data that hasn't been backed up? The safest way to keep your i Phone data safe during i OS 9 update is to make a full backup of your i Phone i Pad.

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Here’s the good news; these type of issues are almost certainly temporary, and almost always will fix themselves, as i OS system software runs through various maintenance and indexing under the hood.

If you are experiencing these problems, simply let the device sit for a while, and it will usually resolve itself in time.

You can fix unable to verify update errors with these instructions, but do keep in mind if you’re experiencing the message on a device that has since had i OS 9.3 revoked, the solution is to wait for a new update from Apple, or to downgrade the device to i OS 9.2.1 (which we cover further down on this page).

If you see the i OS 9.3 software update available in Settings, but you get an “Update Unavailable” error message when attempting to download and install the update, this is because the update has been removed by Apple and is awaiting the fixed version.

There are a few workarounds however, particularly since the URLs not working tends to occur after some time has passed: Downgrading i OS to the prior release is another option, which we’ll discuss in a moment, as even restoring a device to i OS 9.3 is ineffective at resolving the URL failure.

If you are experiencing persistent problems with i OS 9.3 on a device, you may want to consider downgrading to the prior stable version of i OS 9.2.1.In the meantime, let’s state the obvious: if you haven’t updated to i OS 9.3 yet and you have any hardware older than an i Phone 6 or i Pad Air 2, do not attempt to update to i OS 9.3 until a fixed version has been released from Apple.If you have already updated and are experiencing issues, try the troubleshooting steps below to resolve problems with an i OS device running i OS 9.3.This works to remedy any of the above mentioned issues, but also fixes some of the other software annoyances like Mail and Safari links failing to work, copy and paste errors, Bluetooth not working, and many other bugs that have popped up with i OS 9.3 in it’s current form.A potential issue with this is that if a backup was not made prior to the original i OS 9.3 update, the user may lose their data.This requires a USB cable and the latest version of i Tunes to be installed, beyond that it’s the same on a Mac or Windows PC.