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has a lot of potential I think a lot of things are in place to make a top tier adult dating site the problem is I don’t think does a god enough job promoting itself.I’ve been watching this site for several months and their not growing very much and many of the members that are signing up are giving up this is why I refuse to recommend certain adult dating sites to people.

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The site is free to register and browse through profiles however I felt that the design of the site was outdated.

My search for local members didn't return any matches and many of the female profiles turned out to be fake, so be cautious on who you contact.

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We didn’t build our website to tell you what websites to sign-up for. Well, sure, you could probably find someone on One Night Stand to hookup with after a few weeks.

You are intelligent enough to make your own decisions. But it wouldn’t be with a chick you are attracted to.

But we need to inform you about the truth behind sites such as One Night Stand We couldn’t help but laugh at how disgusting the chicks on that site looked. On Social Sex, not only will you find a hookup MUCH faster.On One Night Stand you’ll encounter a wide range of women. On each site we used, we assigned one guy to handle the duties. Certainly not on One Night Stand ” You might be noticing a common theme among 15 of the sites we reviewed…butt ugly chicks. How any guy would want to hookup with the chicks on that site is beyond us. You’ll find a hookup with a MUCH better looking chick.There are black chicks, white chicks, Hispanic chicks, etc. He was required to follow similar strategies to which we teach in our casual dating guide. Seriously, how do they get so many fat and ugly chicks on one website? is here to help you get laid with our advanced tactics guide to find casual sex online.For One Night Stand we assigned the duties to a 29 year old guy named Ryan. “I tried One Night Stand for 2 months and have absolutely nothing good to say about the site. We also provide comparisons, reviews and ratings of the best casual dating websites to help you avoid dating scams.Posted: 6th July 2012 by Tracy in dating Tags: One night stand date, One night stand date legit, One night stand date review, One night stand date reviews, One night stand date scam, Onenightstanddate, Onenightstanddate reviews, Onenightstanddate scam,, legit, review, reviews, scam to date has been one of the cheapest adult dating sites I’ve seen to date, the problem you run into with One night stand date at least from my experience is that you get what you pay for.That being said has a lot of great and interactive features that a lot of adult dating sites could learn a lot from the problem I’m seeing with is that nobody is sticking around and this is why when I talk about adult dating sites I always try to bring up marketing and advertising most blogs don’t talk about this but I do because I think it’s very important.