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Mum's now in a relationship with a kind man she met online, and it's his playfulness that won her over.

On their second date, he wore a clip-on tie with his T-shirt, claiming he was "all dressed up" - and she was smitten.

While my narrative described my love of guacamole, I once swiped right on a psychiatrist with brilliant taste in bands and art.

If only he'd cultivated the same appreciation for personal hygiene.

Three months and 13 men later, her digital search resulted in offline love.

I never thought I'd be asking my mum for dating tips at 36, but her approach is seriously refreshing.

Remember these selfie tips the next time you're posing for your phone: I'm not usually pro-mirror selfies, but there are a few exceptions: When they're clean (no laundry or unmade bed in the background), when you look into the camera, not the mirror (which creates eye contact instead of that weird wandering eye look), and when they show you out doing something that reveals a hobby or piece of your personality.

I get so many messages about hockey because of this pic!

It's amazing how a little more optimism can change the way you date.

That's when her life kind of blew up — strangers would bombard Urasek with questions about her crazy dating stories.

Looking at my online profile, Mum asked: "Why don't you have photos of you doing anything fun?

" Her profile was full of photos that showed her zest for life - active shots of her dancing, golfing, running after the dog - and men 20 years younger were asking her out.

(Note: If you're shy about asking people to take pics, this is a great way to get one without having to be the first one to ask).