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Since the federal Medicaid program is a joint partnership between states and the federal government, states may also impose their own requirements on participating providers.[1] State Medicaid program regulations can vary in terms of covered benefits, provider reporting requirements, and eligibility criteria.

Chart review: The DO must review all PA documentation in a patient record within a week in an office or satellite location.

A modification of this requirement can be made with a written agreement change form to the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

This includes any change in supervising physician(s).

A supervising physician is also required to notify the Board within 15 days of any changes or termination of his or her supervision of a physician assistant.

While there are a number of federal laws governing privacy and access to individual health information, most states have enacted their own laws and regulations pertaining to the use, collection and disclosure of health information.

Many states regulate the maintenance of patient medical records through provider-specific licensure laws.

States also have their own reporting requirements for diseases and conditions that must be reported to the state health department, and for reporting to disease-specific registries.

Similarly, states also require reporting by specific providers and health plans on performance and utilization measures.

New Graduate: There is no provision for a new graduate to work under a DO supervisor.

The PA must be nationally certified before making application to the State Board of Osteopathic Medicine.

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