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They also make me remember how unlikeable some of those characters were, like creepy fuck Kenji shown above, or like main cast character Yukari, who honestly is annoying (but entirely realistic! 3) Your teachers are still incompetent One of the common threads running through P3 and P4 (and P5? Who can forget the extremely crabby Japanese-with-a-New-York-accent Mr. Kashiwagi, who came pretty close to showing her cooch to the entire class on her very first day?

Even the less central teachers get weird personalities, though, and P3P continues that trend.

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It offers integrated solutions, upstream and downstream of the production lines, creating complete and integrated systems.

But its one real weakness is its small playlist, compared to other games in its genre.

Yukari’s link is a good example of this: while she’s initially a little removed from the hero, she’s much more open towards the heroine from the very beginning.

P3P does feature a few brand new links, though, and they dovetail nicely with the existing ones.

These bits of fanservice usually sit out of the way of the normal course of the game (i.e.

you need to do a sidequest or fulfill a certain condition to get the fanservice in question) and they aren’t featured in the plain vanilla versions of P3 and P4.

Here are some Persona 3 songs I'd love to see come into Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Mitsuru represents P3 here, while Teddy runs around frantically not knowing what to do...

Note: I just realized that none of this post makes any sense unless you’ve played Persona 3 already.

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My guess is that Atlus would have removed social link the fuck out of the game as quickly as possible.