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During the Class Trial, the students will discuss the information they gathered, debating their conclusions and attempting to determine who the culprit is.

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But novel gameplay isn’t the only thing Danganronpa has going for it: with music composed by the amazingly talented Masafumi Takada (killer7, God Hand, No More Heroes); a full roster of bombastic, eccentric, and shamelessly irreverent characters; and an intricate story clocking in at just under 1000 pages and jam-packed with twists and turns, there’s more than enough to keep you engrossed from start to finish.

Set in a private school in modern-day Japan known as Kibougamine Academy, Danganronpatakes fifteen “Super Duper” high school students and pits them against one another in a game of life or death.

IMPORTANT IIRC the patch was made for the The Best version of the game, get that one to make sure you won't run into any issues. Danganronpa–developed and published by Spike and first released in Japan for the PSP on November 25, 2010–is a unique kind of adventure game.

Since the Let's Play of this game made me a fan of it, I figured this translation patch deserved its own topic. Described by its creators as “psychopop” and “high-speed action mystery,” Danganronpa takes your typical whodunnit mystery and straps it to a rocket, fusing puzzle-solving with real-time action elements inspired by shooting and rhythm games–and it does so to incredible effect.

As they finish, the television on the wall flickers on, and a half-black, half-white robotic bear called Monokuma orders everyone to assemble in the gymnasium.

There, he explains the situation: everyone’s trapped inside the school, for life.

Unusually calm and composed, Byakuya Togami says, “No, the real problem…

is whether someone here, in this room, took him seriously…” The gymnasium goes silent, and, as Togami’s words echo in everyone’s minds, the curtain rises on a harsh, unforgiving game of trust and betrayal, of friendship and rivalry, of life and death.

These can get tricky later on, as they introduce things like obstacles partially obscuring your target. It's not a system I've seen in other games, but it is something different to just watching text scroll. This one insists on translating "Super High School Level" into "Super Duper." All of the students have some kind of special skill, and they're given a purposefully long and stodgy title (ex.

There's an anagram mini-game where you shoot at letters to spell out a word. Originally Posted by Blu Wacky This is going to sound rude, but... It's not just mashing X through slow-scrolling verbose text boxes to get to the occasional choice? "Super High School Level Good Luck") to reflect the upper class prestige of the school.

Just moments after stepping through the doors on his first day, the protagonist–Makoto Naegi–finds himself struck with a sudden bout of nausea and dizziness.