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After she got married she quit the site, but left the articles for other to learn and use.

There is a Chinese parable about wherever the male monkey goes, the female must follow behind. Shit Winston even has a few threads with mind blowing 30 and 40 year old Chinese women. Chinese mentality has changed alot, but in many ways, it has changed very little.I may have butched the translation a little bit, but you get the idea. DO NOT be shocked while chatting with Chinese ladies, in person or online, if they ask you if it is time for you to go to bed or have you eaten lunch yet, or many other things. Don't be a sandy vag metrosexual sensitive man, whining about "she is trying to control me" bullshit either. Some of those are probably airbrushed to some degree, but many of those 40 women are smoking hot! Compare that to America's less than 300 or so, and it helps to paint a picture. Much of their value system comes from Confucian Ideals.Chinese language is not as overflowing with unnecessary words like English is. Don't expect SNL style humor to come out of the mouth of a Chinese woman either. Takes them too long to mature or grow up in some cases 6. These women are still good women, would you tolerate anything I just listed above?They can be snide or sarcastic but that is only after you have made several snide remarks first! Sometimes they tolerate quite a few things on that list before quitting them. Their divorce laws and REGULAR laws strongly favor the men to a point to where it is ridiculous.That said lets go over some various highlights in the next section: Chinese women are very simple to learn and even though it may seem complex, they are not. If there was a type of woman a real logic driven man can get along nicely with it would be the blunt nature of a prudent straight forward type.

That is because Chinese history and culture is more complex. Chinese women and UK women are definitely these types. (sheng nu) and there are plenty of younger ones around.This guide will be long, but if you are interested, it will be worth reading it. I could go on and list things like their hair is awesome, they look amazing in qipao dresses, eyes, etc..I will break this down into various chapters or sections. Chinese History, Culture, Language and why it is Important? Understanding Chinese Women Dating Site Methods, Strategies, and Approaches to Dating Chinese Women Travel in/Traveling to China Manners (Do's and Dont's)Avoiding Challenges/Potential Dangers/You Gotta Understand How China Works How to Bring your New Wife/Potential Wife back to the US I am a black American male in my late 20's. but those things are just cherries on top for the most part, and not the main focus of this guide. A: Ever saw that evil old man Rubert Murdoch about to be hit in the face with a cream pie by some UK journalist?Anyone that really knows Chinese people period, knows this. Also if they shave their whole body for you as you ask, they may feel inadequate about your appreciation of their natural body, even though she may never tell you that, it is something to think about! (Communist Controlled TV if you are funny) Don't expect them to always know what the f**k you are talking about.If there is a Chinese equivalent for you, they would jump on that, if it were possible. They will tell you if they know about that already. Materialistic Chinese women that people try to scare you about come from mostly one or two places in China. Hell once I had 3 women message me because they wanted a handsome black man BADLY! If you can eat real Chinese food, they will love that, because that means they will be able to do something valuable for you! Most Chinese women willing to look for a laowai, want the older blonde or brown hair, tall successful white guy, and will wait for that right guy because they know that foreign women suck compared to them and they are just very patient in nature.Another way to look at it is to look at Chinese language itself. Low EQ towards the woman/ No romance at all/Never say anything nice 10. Many Chinese women, especially the divorced ones, are not putting up with that shit anymore.