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Even the famous Atheist Richard Dawkins admits it is controversial.

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In 2014, the team also analysed remains of a small finger bone attributed to John the Baptist that was associated with the famous Guelph Treasure.The sample from the finger bone was dated to 660-770 AD, which meant it was too young for St John the Baptist.It’s available on the web via the American Scientific Affiliation, a fellowship of Christians in science.To those who have not encountered the topic before the paper can seem very convincing.Oxford University has launched a centre to study ancient Christian relics such as bones claimed to be those of St John the Evangelist, John the Baptist and fragments purported to be from the true Cross.

The new centre will be based at Keble College’s Advanced Studies Centre.Their strategy, it seems, is that if they can convince Christians that the earth is billions of years old then they have discredited the other claims of the Bible.When anyone says that the Bible does not mean what it says we need to think long and hard.More recent work has included analysis of remains thought to be of St Luke, St David, and the True Cross, on which Jesus was crucified.The results of these investigations have yet to be published.Furthermore, from the detailed chronologies given, we know that creation happened about 4,000 years before Christ.