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The problem is that the need eventually disappears and you can be left with a person that no longer gives you anything you want or need.This might sound like harsh , but if you want a rebound relationship to turn into something long lasting then you’re doing it wrong.The whole point of a rebound is to help you get over the last person you were with so you can move on and meet the love of your life without the baggage from your previous long term relationship weighing you down.

Plus, rebound relationships are often started in a time of great emotional turmoil, which means you’re not yourself in many ways.

You can be emotionally frayed, high strung, desperate, etc.

You’re on the hunt for a rebound relationship because you want a relatively minor and very specific need to be met and you find the person that can meet that one need better than any else.

The best dating advice helps you realize something you already know but for some reason can’t see.

Today’s column focuses on rebound relationships and whether they have a chance to become something real and long term.

It dovetails nicely with the focus of Electric Hellos since a high percentage of online dating relationships, particularly those in the casual realm, are formed by people on the rebound.A typical reaction after a breakup is to seek comfort that you’re not as low, worthless, and crappy as you feel after you’ve parted ways with someone you were likely in love with.This feeling is greatly enhanced if you’ve been dumped and it reaches a fever pitch if you were cheated on and dumped or your partner immediately moved on to someone else.That’s when the rebound becomes about reaffirming self worth and is a perfect way of doing that, particularly if you want to go the easy route and search for the immediate comforts of sex.That’s also why rebound relationships have real difficulty turning into something long term.It’s not that you’re wrong for each other or that you wouldn’t have gotten together and gotten along separate from the circumstances that brought you together.