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The globe 10 includes a printed surface which defines land masses 28 and water areas 30.Portions of the globe are formed with a relief pattern or areas 32 which is associated with terrestrial features such as mountains or the like.

Providing maps in relief has been known since at least 1908, see e.g., Patesson, U. In the detailed description which follows, reference will be made to the drawing comprised of the following figures: FIG. The assembled globe is hollow and formed from a material which is translucent to a light source positioned within the globe.The globe 10 thus provides a three dimensional representation of the surface of the earth.Additionally, the material from which the globe 10 is formed is generally translucent as described in greater detail below.This invention relates to an improved relief surface globe and to an improved method for manufacturing a globe with a relief surface. Another object of the present invention is to provide a globe which is especially adapted to be internally illuminated.

As used herein, the term "relief" or "in relief" refers to the configuration of the surface of a globe resulting from embossing or forming the material used to make a globe so that mountains, valleys and other terrestrial features are reproduced three dimensionally on the globe surface. These and other objects, advantages and features of the present invention will be set forth in more detail in the description which follows.12 is an enlarged partial cross sectional view of the hemisphere locking arrangement for the globe of the invention. 1 illustrates a typical globe 10 made in accordance with the process of the present invention.Globe 10 is comprised of northern and southern hemisphere portions 12 and 14, respectively, joined together at the equator 16.1 is a side plan view of a globe made in accordance with the present invention; FIG. 8 is a cross sectional side view of the mold core and mold cavity of FIG.2 is a top plan view of a planar map projection on a sheet prior to forming the sheet into a hemispherical shape; FIG. 6 subsequent to or during the molding operation; FIG.The equatorial line 16 defining the edge of hemisphere 35 is also accurately trimmed as shown in FIG.