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Manufacturers and brand names you may find on older copies of the 4001 include: Ibanez, Univox, Aria, Bradley, Electra, CMI, Giannini, Greco Guitar, Hondo, Hoya, M Sigma, Mann, Jolana, Penco, Seville and a few others.

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You are usually pretty safe with most sellers on ebay who regularly sell Rickenbacker instruments and have an excellent feedback rating.Fortunately RIC usually gets the auctions of fake Rickenbacker instruments on ebay shut down before they are over, but occasionally one slips through.These will normally have the name of the actual maker on the headstock.The may be some stores that sell genuine new Rickenbackers as well as new copies.Occasionally a seller has no idea that they might be selling a fake Rickenbacker, but they usually do.

Not only would this be against the law to deceive someone into buying a fake Rickenbacker, but it is also against the law because copies of Rickenbacker instruments infringe on the trademark shapes that are legally owned by the Rickenbacker International Corporation (RIC), All of the shapes of the bodies, headstocks, parts which include the tailpieces, pickguards, pickups, truss rod covers and the Rickenbacker logo are trademarks of RIC.The seller should readily supply the serial number whether it is in the ad or sent privately by email or phone.Then if you are not familiar with how to decode serial numbers you can decode the serial number on the RIC website.There are some that still make copies that look somewhat close to a 4001 or 4003.There is one manufacturer that makes a bass guitar that closely resembles the Rickenbacker 600 series guitars.I'm sure and I hope that RIC will always own these shapes.