Rules to dating a bodybuilder

Try being a man, you're either too skinny or too fat, you have to work your ass off in the gym in order to be accepted by the mainstream woman with 'standards.'One reason why I prefer slimmer women to overweight women, sometimes it goes to show you the discipline of the person.

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Any guy who goes out with a woman based on one dimension, looks, gets what he deserves. He certainly isn't speaking for all men, really just himself. It's all just personal taste, like some people like Toyota and some people like Ford.Yes, there are a lot of great slim gals out there, but there are also alot of great chunky gals out there too. (and I doubt if many women are chasing him btw) No question that some men are attracted to heavy women just as some men are attracted to red heads. the OP's poll is shyte...get to choose between very skinny, skinny, slim, fat and obese? i could care less if you are skinny or slim or a little bit of weight.i want an outgoing, athletic woman...pretty much rules out fat and obese though...its someone with whom i would have more interests: gym, mtb, snowsports, etc btw..redheads too!One reason why I prefer slimmer women to overweight women, sometimes it goes to show you the discipline of the person.For your health comment, studies have shown that being a little overweight is not harmful to one's health.

A lot of skinny "healthy/skinnny" women are meth addicts and just look terrible. She wasnt a bodybuilding muscular fit, because she had a perfect amount of body fat.

Anton, 52, has been powerlifting for 10 years and says he has highest bench press record of all time for his weight class. T 91 11 4053 2429 W width="644" height="1000" / Anton Kraft and his girlfriend China Bell are proof that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to love.

PHOTOGRAPH BY Ruaridh Connellan / Barcroft USA UK Office, London. In fact, the 4ft 4in bodybuilder has a strict rule of only dating women who are over a foot taller than him.

His girlfriend, transgender woman China Bell more than fits the bill, standing at a goddess-like 6ft 3in.

Although 43-year-old China admits she had her doubts at first, she was soon won over by her buff bodybuilder. Talking about their relationship, China said: ‘I’ve never dated a 4’4″ guy and I was just so curious.

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